penguin: fileserver etc

If you're wondering what's happened with logging in by SSH to "home" or "beila" or "", or if you used to connect as user EKC.KTH.SE\name to \\penguin, then here's an update.

The servers have been changed as of 2014-06-21. The account and files of any user not active in the last few months have not been copied to the new systems. Files are saved and accounts can be created if definitely needed by anyone.

If you do still have a local account (TR33) on the linux computers, you can connect to or to any of the shared servers (see simlin[x]) using SSH. This could be by ssh (command line), or by SCP or SFTP to transfer files. You can also use the simlin computers for running programs in a remote desktop environment.

If you have a local account (see above) and want to access your home directory (personal files) directly from ms-windows, then you can still connect to \\penguin\. You should now not include EKC.KTH.SE\ in your login (i.e. EKC.KTH.SE\name) -- that old domain is now gone. Your name is just your KTH username, and it might help to prefix it with TR33\ since this is the "workgroup" that penguin now considers itself to be in.

Please just ignore old names like beila,, laphroaig, etc. They have gone, or will go soon.
Use penguin[] or simlin[x] where [x] is a number.