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Room 529 (floor 5)
Osquldas väg 6(A)
100 44 Stockholm

KTH main campus)

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59.350N, 18.067E
Postal address:

Nathaniel Taylor
Osquldas väg 10
100 44 Stockholm
Sophisticated communication:

E-mail: taylor@kth.se
Phone: +46 (0)8 790 6222
(am hardly ever by the phone: email is more reliable!)

Mobile phone: +46 (0)73 949 8572
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(I can read 'SMS' but don't easily send them)

Home: +46 (0)8 648 0667
(may be useful for urgent things out-of-hours)

Own webpages: http://ntmm.org/~nt/

Present position

I work in the department of Electromagnetic Engineering ETK within the school of Electrical Engineering EE, at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm.


KTH's automatic Profile page for me gives some further details of course-involvement.

Undergraduate teaching. I am responsible for courses in Electric Circuit Analysis for several programs: Energy and Environment (course EI1120), Electrical Engineering (course EI1110, shared teaching), and IT and Microelectronics (course EI1102, continued exams in a discontinued course).

Masters teaching. I usually aim to have about two MSc-thesis students active at a time, with projects on wide-ranging topics. Starting in 2014 I have developed a new MSc course in Power System Protection (EI2439). Within the international MSc program in Power Engineering I have for several years been strongly involved in the Electrotechnical Modelling course (EI2433), and more marginally with High Voltage Engineering and Electrotechnical Design courses.

Most of my work has been in high-voltage insulation diagnostics and measurements. I co-supervise several PhD students working in diverse topics within this area and extending to more materials-oriented studies. Some idea of the subjects can be seen from the Publications. I have also started some projects on power system protection, considering the apparatus, measurements, principles and electrical studies (i.e. excluding communications standards, etc.). From 2017 I have a fault-location PhD project and (co-supervised) a distribution protection project, and am looking out for a further student in a transmission protection project; more detail will come soon on this.

Administrative tasks include work as area-manager for the ``power components'' subject within the funding organisation SweGRIDS.


My undergraduate degree was MEng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) at Imperial College, London, of which the final year was taken on exchange here at KTH, reading courses mainly in power-system and high-voltage and doing a final year project. Then postgraduate studies in power systems at Imperial College, looking at coordinated voltage control. I took the licentiate and PhD degrees here at KTH, investigating low variable frequency spectroscopy and partial-discharge measurements for condition assessment of stator insulation in large rotating machines. More on that can be found here: DS and PD project. My habilitation (docent) is also from KTH, in the broad area of "electric power" but based on work mainly with high-voltage engineering.

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